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April/May 2017: Interfaith Sanctuary events

Donating made simple: Interfaith Sanctuary has an Amazon Wish List for those who prefer to have items sent to the shelter directly.


The Play Area Ribbon Cutting at our Shelter on Thursday, April 27th at 3:30 PM.

Come celebrate the finished playground for Boise’s homeless children which was Idaho Gives 2016 drive focus.

Please join Interfaith Sanctuary’s Dan Ault and Jodi Peterson along with the Nagel Foundation, Bishop Kelly PATHS and Mayor Dave Bieter who will help us open up our amazing, safe, educational and fun Play Area funded by Nagel Foundation, PATHS and our Idaho Gives Donors from 2016.

During the 2016 Idaho Gives Day, Interfaith Sanctuary had doubled donations received in 2015. Interfaith Sanctuary asked for help for our Boise area homeless children and to provide a safe space for them to play and de-stress.

Out of the 164 beds available at the Interfaith Sanctuary, one-third of them are filled by homeless families, upwards of 30 of those beds are occupied by children.

The families with kids staying at Interfaith Sanctuary shelter will be there to break our new Play area in along with teens from Bishop Kelly and Boise High School to help with the games!

Also at the event are the Kona Shaved Ice Truck offering up free treats.


yumApril 2017 Urgent Needs:

Quality protein filled food is an issue for us.

Interfaith Sanctuary is looking for groups or an individual to adopt a night for a simple, protein-rich meal for our guests. 

If you want to help us, please contact to schedule a meal donation!

Saturday and Sunday are our “no meals” days, as Life’s Kitchen does not bring soup on those days. 

One local teenager made chicken and veggie cups -sort of a portable chicken pot pie meets a stew, a huge hit with our guests and we got the recipe if you are interested! 

We always hope a group will adopt one night during the weekend.


Meet 15-year-old Maloree Barbera with her brother Luke, serving up her
Meal In A Cup Creation to our Guests at Interfaith Sanctuary!

Maloree was concerned about our homeless population. She wondered if they were getting any warm meals.

She created this delicious recipe that combines chicken, potatoes, corn and cheese and makes it in easy-to-transport cups.

We want to share her Meal-in-a-cup recipe and invite others in our community to help us bring creative, delicious, nutritious meals to our guests at the shelter.

Maloree Barbera’s Meal In A Cup:

* 2 full Costco bags frozen chicken breast
-defrost & cook on stove/bbq with salt & pepper
-chop into bite size chunks

* 8 full bags frozen corn (12oz each)
* stick of butter
-pour corn into pot and defrost on low heat
-add stick of butter when heated

* 10 pounds medium/large russet potatoes
* stick of butter
* 8oz cream cheese
* 15oz sour cream
* grated cheese
-peel and roughly chop potatoes while heating large pot of water
-pour potatoes into boiling water
-once potatoes are soft (about 30min on high heat) strain water
-add butter and all of the cheeses, also a dash salt and pepper
-mix on high w/ hand mixer until creamy

* 6 cups chicken stock
* 4 tbs butter
* 1.5 cups flour
-melt butter in large saucepan (med. heat)
-once melted, mix in flour and heat until golden brown
-next add chicken broth, reduce to low heat, and mix for about 10 min and gravy will begin to thicken

* package 100 plastic 6oz cups
* package 100 plastic forks
* aluminum foil
* cardboard boxes or trays for transport
-assembly-style, layer cups with one scoop of food (we did potatoes then corn then chicken then gravy but it doesn’t really matter)
-place in cardboard boxes with a fork
-once box is full, cover in aluminum foil
-your cups are ready to feed those in need!

Another economical idea is to do burritos with chicken and rice or big batches of a healthy soup with a protein in it.  We ask for 200 servings, please.

Interfaith Sanctuary has an Amazon Wish List for those who prefer to have items sent to the shelter directly.

These much needed in-kind donations offset our shelter’s hard costs. This allows us to use funds to make building improvements, buy other essentials, pay utility bills and hire more case managers.

For all in-kind donations, we thank you!

Please deliver in-kind donations to Interfaith Sanctuary – either at the administrative offices 10-4 PM Monday through Thursday at 599 S. Americana in Boise (we are inside the Rivertime Yoga Studio) or at the physical shelter (1620 W. River Street)  AFTER 6 PM!


Call the administrative office with any business or donation questions here:


Any guest related questions or other calls for the shelter specifically please call:

208-343-2630 (after 6 PM)