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12th Annual X-Treme Holiday X-travaganza Ticket Links

X-treme Holiday X-travaganza 2017 with Curtis Stigers & Friends
Hosted by Curtis Stigers & Jodi Peterson
The Historic Egyptian
Sunday, December 17 & Monday, December 18th
Doors 6:30pm Show 7:30pm
To purchase Reserved Seating for Sunday or Monday nights shows click this link:
To Purchase General Admission Seating for Sunday or Monday nights shows click this link
Event Description and Ticket Information:
A wonderfully irreverent, inspiring and wacky holiday variety show hosted by Curtis Stigers and Jodi Peterson and featuring our most talented local musicians, dancers, comedians and community leaders all donating their time and talents for a great cause.
All proceeds benefit Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter.
Feedback from last years show encouraged us to stay with our same payment structure as last year with reserved seats and general admission tickets being available for purchase.
General Admission Balcony Seats $35
General Admission Floor Seats $50
Reserved Balcony Seats $135
Reserved Floor Seats $150
We are very excited to see you again at our 12th Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza. It’s going to be awesome!

Interfaith opening up for Daytime Family Programs beginning Nov. 6

Look whats coming to Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter during the day!

Pre-K/Early Education Programs/ Parenting Classes/ Nap-time/ Case Management/ Life Skills/ Fitness/After-School Programs/Nutritional meals & healthy snacks/ Love

Mother And Daughter

Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter will be opening their doors during the day for a new family program beginning on November 6th

Homeless families in Boise are challenged each day when the over-night shelters are closed.  We have one daytime shelter that offers hospitality for our homeless community but it is not able to accommodate the needs of families with small children who require naps, nutrition, structure and educational opportunities.

Interfaith Sanctuary has created a new day time program that will provide families daytime support.  Kristie Manning, the family case manager at Interfaith has a background in early education and child care experience and proposed this program idea to Dan Ault and Jodi Peterson, the Co-Directors at Interfaith. Manning, along with 7 other case managers working for Interfaith Sanctuary have homeless families on their case lists.  They see the struggles these families are facing daily to try and manage their kid’s needs while working with the agency programs to find housing, jobs and care.

Beginning on Monday, November 6th, Interfaith Sanctuary will have family programming throughout the week from 8 am-5pm.  Families will receive early education programs for their kids, parenting classes, case management support, nutritious snacks and scheduled naptimes.  Families who have school age kids will be offered after-school programs, nutritious snacks and case management.

This pilot program has big goals looking at partnerships with Boise State University School of Education and Idaho AEYC for ideas and program support.  Port of Subs has selected Interfaith Sanctuary’s Daytime Program as their beneficiary for this year’s holiday gift card campaign.  Funding from the promotion, which kicks off mid-November, will go to support nutrition for the families participating in this new early education and supportive services daytime programming.


Would you like to help get this program off the ground?  Interfaith Sanctuary is inviting our community to be part of this amazing new program.  They need daytime volunteers, nutritious snacks, educational materials and cash donations to help fund this much needed programming for our Homeless Families in Boise.

Cash donations can be made directly from the Interfaith Sanctuary Website at www.interfaithsanctuary.org.  Because of limited storage space at the shelter this can be the best way to help get the necessary funding directly to the program and allow those funds to be used to gather the necessary tools and nutrition as needed.

If you would like to purchase items for the early education programming here is the wish list for Interfaith Sanctuary.


Nutritional Donation Needs:

Cheese- String Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, low fat cheeses

Whole Grain Crackers

StonyField Yogurt snacks- smoothies, pro-biotic kids, yo-kid squeezables

Peanut butter crackers

Goldfish crackers

Peanut butter

Healthy low sugar granola and energy bars

Low Salt Pretzels

Hot Pretzels

Whole Grain Bagels

Or adopt a snack for a day for the children staying at the shelter by contacting Jodi@interfaithsanctuary.org.


Home Sweet Home Gala- A magical night for all!

Interfaith Sanctuary’s first gala was truly a magical night.  From the moment you walked into the Zion Bank Ballroom you knew this was going to be a special evening.  Michael Baltzell from BSU Stage Design and Matt Johnson from Edwards Greenhouse transformed the entry into a home sweet home.  They literally built the front of a house including window boxes, front porch and a completely landscaped front yard that guests walked through to enter the main ballroom. Adding sweetness to the whole setting Elizabeth Scoggin and friends created special signage, a mailbox and customized welcome mat that read “You Are Welcome Here”.

Once you entered into the main ballroom you were met with 26 specially set tables adopted and created by volunteers.  It was so sweet to see how each of these volunteers brought their sense of home sweet home to our guests through their choice of table settings.  Here are just a few of the tables our guests got to enjoy their homestyle meal at.

Tables shown were created by wonderful volunteers from our community who donated their talents plus all of the beautiful items that were set on each table!

Dinner was served family style by BSU, NNU and Boise High School student volunteers. They served family style meat loaf, mash potatoes and glazed carrots from Jenny’s lunch line plus a basket full of home made rolls made by our very own Chef Doughty.  Dessert was fresh baked pies from Volcanic Farms in Horseshoe Bend.  When we went to pay for these beautiful creations the owner said, “We will be donating these pies to your event. We are so grateful for what you do and this is what we can do to thank you.”  This wonderful locally owned company donated over $1000 worth of pies.

During dinner Curtis Stigers and Jodi Peterson hosted an award ceremony that honored volunteers, businesses, groups and organizations that have made a huge impact on our homeless population in so many ways.

Here are photos from the awards ceremony:

Agency of the Year                                         Program of the Year

City of Boise Bicycle Patrol Unit                   City of Boise Parks & Rec. Dept.

Volunteer Group of the Year                       Volunteers of the Year

Bishop Kelly P.A.T.H.S.                                  Christy Little and her 5 year old daughter Grace Stoltey

Donors of the Year                                        Donors of the Decade

Harry & Kim Martz                                          Dr.’s Ed & Mary Ann Reynolds

Guest of the Year                                           Business Partnership of the Year

Harry Morrison                                               Wire Stone

The super stars of the evening- Our Interfaith Sanctuary Case Management Team with their Table Sponsor Viki Richins

We finished the night off with an amazing concert featuring Curtis Stigers, Bill Coffey & His Cash Money Cousins.  It was such a fantastic evening and Interfaith Sanctuary is very grateful to all of the people who made this event happen.

The list is long but we want to thank you all:

Albertsons/ Guho Construction/ Rick and Viki Richins/ Ed & Amy Zimmer/ Bill & Leslie Drake/ Eric, Jennifer and Stella Thornfeldt/ St. Lukes/ Oceans Unmanned/ Peterson Toyota/ Jerry & Kris Sturgill/ Andy & Elizabeth Scoggin/ Ralston Group/ Idaho First Bank/ Mark and Tami Masarik/ Boise State University/ Nathan Smith/ Jeanie Peck/ Ellie McKinnon/ Sally Stewart/ Annette Wells/ Polly Evett/ Brian & Kara Taggart/ Tracy Olson- Windermere Real Estate Group/ Sandra Anderson/ Janice Hager-Dunn/ Kristin Ewing/ Emily Erickson/ Carolyn Snyder/ Shelia Moore- Idaho First Bank/ Carol Richel / Kelsey & Christian Aldrich/ Jason & Shelly Dykstra/ Evan & Nina Chambers/Megan Mason/ Jenna Caywood/ Ali Shields/ Curtis Stigers/ Bill Coffey/ Bernie Reilly/ Andrew Cortens/ Casey Miller/ Chris Galli/ George & Bev Harad / Our amazing student volunteer servers! Special thank you to Kris Sturgill and Chef Doughty for helping produce the event from start to finish and to Stella Thornfeldt, our 9 year old design team member who helped create  Home Sweet Home.


Upcoming Event:

 Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza 2017

Sunday, December 17th & Monday, December 18th  

Ticket Link and Details coming in November

Home Sweet Home Gala Award Recipients Announced!


An Interfaith Sanctuary Gala
Saturday,September 30th
Zions Bank building
Cocktails & Appetizers  6:30 pm
Dinner Seating  7:30pm
Black Tie Optional Attire

Hosted by Curtis Stigers & Jodi Peterson
Curtis Stigers
Bill Coffey & His Cash Money Cousins

Award Recipients:
Donor of the Year- Harry Martz
Donor of the Decade- Ed & Mary Ann Reynolds
Service Partner of the Year-City of Boise Bicycle Patrol Unit
Program of the Year-City of Boise Parks & Recreation Department
Business Partnership of the Year- Wire Stone
Volunteer Group of the Year-Bishop Kelly P.A.T.H.S.
Volunteers of the Year-Christy Little and her 5 year old daughter Grace Stoltey
Interfaith Sanctuary Guest of the Year-Harry Morrison

Event Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor and City of Boise Bicycle Patrol Unit Table Sponsor

Viki and Rick Richins- Interfaith Sanctuary Case Manager Table Sponsor

Ed & Amy Zimmer, Bill & Leslie Drake, Eric, Jennifer & Stella Thornfeldt- City of Boise Park & Recreation Table Sponsor

 Entertainment Sponsor                              Award Sponsors                                                  Design Sponsor


Help us fund our amazing Interfaith Staff!

Mural Photo October of 2016 Interfaith Sanctuary left federal funding to move to private donations only. We did this so that we could remain true to our mission and our guests.  Funding often comes with strings that cause non-profits to re-create themselves over and over again to get those dollars to their organizations.  Interfaith Sanctuary is determined to remain focused on the work we have promised to our homeless guests.  We have a team of case managers that support our guests one step at a time to help them get back their strength, health and self-sufficiency to hopefully move out of our shelter to a better life.  As the development director, I am charged with the task of raising the dollars necessary to shelter our guests, pay our staff, cover the hard costs of the day to day operations of our shelter, provide funding for special programs to help our guests in their recovery and to constantly be creating ways to improve the lives of our guests while they are with us at the shelter.   Interfaith Sanctuary needs funding to pay our staff.  I write this blog today in hopes that we can get more of our community to donate to our shelter in a very sustainable way, become a recurring donor.  Donors can choose to donate monthly an amount that makes sense for them.  Shelter costs $12 per night for each of our 164 guests.  Donors can donate $12 a month to help us cover one night of shelter.  ID replacements cost $10 per guest.  Perhaps you would like to cover the cost of one ID or 10 ID’s per month.  The cost for a family of four to receive a night of shelter is $48.  Would you like to sponsor one family a week or month?  Whatever way you choose to help means so much to our staff and guests.  It is very easy to sign up.  Go to www.supportingshelter.org and choose your level and frequency. We need to raise an additional $100,000 to help us cover our end of year costs for 2016-17.  Our calendar year ends on June 28th.  Can you help us?

Thank you Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery – Eagle

Thank you to Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery – Eagle and everyone that helped make the Bardenay Charity Night hosted for Interfaith Sanctuary last Monday a success! They raised $1,300.00 for our Shelter guests! It was a great opportunity to share what we do at Interfaith and how we serve our guests.

“At Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery, we’re invested in our communities. Whether giving back to the citizens and organizations of Boise, Eagle and Coeur d’Alene or serving as a leader in Idaho’s restaurant industry, Bardenay is fully involved. We love Idaho and we’re committed to improving and maintaining our state’s way of life. The goal of Charity Nights at Bardenay is to be a good neighbor and to provide a vehicle for charitable organizations to raise awareness and funds. Charity Nights are held the third Monday of every month at each Bardenay location. Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit is eligible to apply.”

A Better Life: Justin’s Story

Justin has been with us for five years off and on. Last year, after he met one of our volunteers that was in the technology field, which is something that enthralls Justin, he decided to focus on his education. Justin went to school every week for six months. When he wasn’t at school he volunteered around the shelter day and night.

In May of this year he took and passed the GED test. Immediately after passing the GED we helped him apply for Boise State University, which was his school of choice. After writing a very persuasive essay about why his life would be improved if he was allowed to attend, he was accepted into BSU and given a housing assignment on campus.

As this was going on, his work ethic shined through. When the summer came and all of his friends were out floating the river and having a good time, Justin was back at the shelter donating his time and staying focused on  getting out of the shelter for good. Justin’s final financial aid award came through and even with the grants and loans he was able to get he is still a little bit short for the first semester. I am sure we can all remember the cost of going off to school for the first time, I certainly remember it costing much more than I expected.

Justin has no family to support him on his journey. His mother was a prostitute whom he never knew and his father is himself homeless. He has no grandparents or other family that would traditionally support a young man who is working so hard to make a better life for himself. Justin has the drive to succeed. He talks about his future and about getting a degree in computer science. He wants to go on to graduate school and become a professional in the technology field. This is amazing for someone who grew up in homelessness and has seen failure his entire life.

Justin's story


I used the university’s online calculator to estimate his need for assistance and this is what I came up with. We need to help Justin raise $3,232 to cover all of his expenses for this school year. Here is what that looks like:

Justin’s estimatedEXPENSES and Financial Aid


$ 3,740

Housing and Meal Plan

$ 4700


$ 600

Personal Expenses and new school clothing

$ 1000

Computer and book bag


Total cost for Justin



$ 7,608

Shortfall for 1st Semester

($ 3232)

Justin will eventually find a job on campus that will help him with some of the personal expenses. But, Justin has been homeless for his entire life, and his clothing represents that fact. I would like to take him shopping and get him clothing that will help him feel successful before he even starts his classes. I am sure we can all relate to the fact that when we look good, we feel good. I also think it is extremely important for Justin to be equipped with a laptop computer and book bag. I like Apple, mostly because of the stability, but anything would be very helpful. If anyone has a decent Apple computer they would be willing to donate, I think we can take it to the Mac Store downtown and have it cleaned up and updated with the latest version of OS. If there is anyway you can help me help Justin, I would truly appreciate it.

For more information you can contact Justin’s case manager, Tim Flaherty at tim@interfaithsanctuary.org.