We all have a voice: Use it to change the world

Word on the Street Issue 15, October 2021

By Kristina S.

Kristina is a guest at Interfaith Sanctuary and participates in the shelter’s writing group. She is working on writing that reflects her experiences with addiction and family heartache, domestic violence, and most importantly, healing. Theses are excerpts.

“I am homeless — not for long though. I’m working toward housing and preparing my body for the coming of twins. I am seeing first-hand how homelessness affects the mind and body. But being in such a great program to rest, practice self care and respect for your body is a big deal.”

“I know my faith and I love Jesus. But I also love every human being. My kids really are a big role in my life. I may not have them at this time, but I’m bettering myself to be a better new mom, a healthy wife and role model for everyone. I love all human life. We are creators of habit, but habit in what? To be filled with happiness or sadness? We all have choices, right? 

I choose happiness and positive vibes. To the world I want to share: We all have a voice. Use it to change the world.”