On Thursday, October 21, Interfaith Sanctuary is hosting an additional public meeting about our shelter’s plan to renovate and relocate to the former Salvation Army Thrift Store and Food Pantry located at 4306 W. State Street.

This is not a public hearing and public officials will not be present. If you have questions regarding meeting requirements, please contact the Boise City Planning & Development Services Department.

Interfaith Sanctuary is the only low-barrier shelter in Boise. Our organization has provided safe shelter for people experiencing homelessness in the Treasure Valley since 2005. We have faith in our work, in our guests, and in our neighbors. Our community makes it all possible.

Purpose: To review the proposed conversion of the existing Salvation Army Thrift Store into a permanent facility for emergency overnight housing for the homeless, sponsored by Interfaith Sanctuary.


When: Thursday, October 21, 2021, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where: Virtual Zoom Meeting

Register in advance for this webinar at the link below:


On Monday, November 15, Interfaith Sanctuary’s application for a conditional use permit for our shelter on State Street (CUP21-00026) is scheduled to be heard before the Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission.

This hearing will be conducted in Maryanne Jordan City Council Chambers, on the third floor of City Hall. However, you are encouraged to participate virtually through Zoom to allow for social distancing.

Boise City Planning & Zoning Hearing:

Monday, November 15th, 2021

6:00 PM

Instructions on how to attend and participate can be found online at: www.cityofboise.org/virtual-meetings.


This year, Interfaith Sanctuary began trying to educate members of our community about the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. But, the information being provided to the public didn’t always resonate with people without homes.

The general messaging involved getting vaccinated to be able to go out to dinner, start traveling, and help get the economy going again. For our guests, what mattered most was being able to take off the mask and see someone smile again, to be able to give and receive hugs, and to be safe living together in a shelter. 

Conversations with our community inspired us to give voice to their thoughts with an upbeat message.

 We sent a request to singer/songwriter David Poe and asked if he would create a song to help represent the joy that comes with being vaccinated against COVID-19. Two weeks later, “I Got the Shot” showed up as a digital file in our Executive Director’s inbox.

We hit the streets with our guests and shot videos of people in our community who were vaccinated. Firefighters, tourists, guests from the shelter, and random people spending the day in the park all participated in the production.

Word on the Street Editor Erin Sheridan then took our footage and edited it to the music. Today, Interfaith Sanctuary is thrilled to share our first public service announcement music video.

WATCH OUR MUSIC VIDEO I GOT THE SHOT HERE:  https://vimeo.com/623599170


Hello Interfaith Sanctuary Supporters,

We are very happy to inform you that our Conditional Use Permit has been resubmitted for consideration by the City of Boise for our Shelter project on State St.  In the next 30 days our community will have the opportunity to make public comment regarding their thoughts on this project.  Many of you have reached out with emails, letters and wonderful posts letting us know that you have faith in Interfaith’s State St. Project.Can you help us get the good word out about your faith in Interfaith?  Below is a template of a letter to help you create a letter of support to be shared with City Council, Mayor McClean and Planning & Zoning.  We have included all necessary email and mailing addresses. 


To Whom It May Concern:

I have faith in Interfaith Sanctuary, which is why I am standing in support of their Conditional Use Permit CUP21-00026 for their new State Street shelter project.  As a Boise resident, I am urging you to vote yes on this permit.

As a citizen, I believe in Human Dignity. I believe we should love our neighbors as ourselves. I believe to help move people out of homelessness they must have a safe place to find stability and reduce trauma so they can address unemployment, addiction, mental illness, and physical health. I believe that shelters are necessary to reduce strain on our economy.

Based on what we have seen and learned regarding better shelter I believe that Interfaith Sanctuary’s State St. Shelter Project checks off all of the boxes:

Low-barrier shelter ensures access to men, women, and families with children, where populations are

segmented by shelter design in several different population specific unit configurations✔️

24/7 Access for all guests ✔️

Designated shelter areas for single men and women, medically fragile and singles ✔️

Separate building and staff for families with children ✔️

Supportive Services and Case Management on site ✔️

Programming on site for Recovery, Mental Health, Job Training, Employment, Education ✔️

Medical Clinic on site ✔️

Space for guests possessions ✔️

Pet programming ✔️

Day Shelter ✔️

Meal Service ✔️

Access to on-site transportation, greenbelt and located on main transportation bus line ✔️

No time out ✔️

Based on the better shelter evaluation of available properties the State St. location was determined to be one of the only locations zoned appropriately for this project ✔️

We’ve had faith in Interfaith to serve our most vulnerable since 2005. Please have a little more faith, say yes, and support their Conditional Use Permit for their shelter on State Street.


Your Name Here

 Write to Planning and Zoning, City Council, and the Mayor.

  • Written testimony submitted to Planning and Zoning becomes part of the public record and will be considered by city officials when deciding whether to approve or deny the Conditional Use Permit for Interfaith Sanctuary. Open comment period ends on October 28th.
  • All written testimony (emails or letters) to City Officials must reference CUP21-00026.

Planning and Zoning

City Council Email Addresses:

  • Elaine Clegg – eclegg@cityofboise.org
  • Lisa Sanchez – lsanchez@cityofboise.org
  • TJ Thomson – tjthomson@cityofboise.org
  • Holli Woodings – hwoodings@cityofboise.org
  • Jimmy Hallyburton – jhallyburton@cityofboise.org
  • Patrick Bageant – pbageant@cityofboise.org
  • Or you can send letters to 150 N. Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID, 83702
  • Mayor McLean’s Email Address: mayormclean@cityofboise.org
  • Or send letters to 150 N. Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID, 83702

Other Options:  You can write a letter to the editor explaining why you have faith in Interfaith Sanctuary’s move to State Street.

Scott McIntosh- smcintosh@idahostatesman.com

Idaho Press- op-ed@idahopress.com

Thank you for having faith in Interfaith Sanctuary!

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable.”

-Mahatma Gandhi






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“You’re Not Alone”

Song performed by Curtis Stigers

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