As COVID entered our community, solutions needed to happen quickly to help serve our homeless population in the safest way possible.


Our main shelter now focuses on serving our single population while our families with children and most medically fragile are served at our hotel shelter. Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter and Hotel Shelter by night is home for a warm meal and a safe place to lay your head for anyone who is in need. We are a sanctuary for families with children allowing them to find shelter together. No matter where you come from, how you pray, who you love, you are welcome here.


Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter by day is a home to second chances for our unemployed, our mentally fragile, our friends struggling with addiction. Our building by day becomes a sanctuary of learning, recovering, growing, creating and moving forward towards a better life.


Interfaith Sanctuary Hotel Shelter by day is home to preschool learning, parenting classes and case management support, housing services and nutritional support. It is also home to our senior homeless population where finally our medically fragile have a safe space to be all day and the ability to receive the care and support they so very much deserve.


Your donation helps provide shelter, nutrition and programming for all of our guests staying at our two shelter locations.

Programming includes:


  • Family Daytime Program and Preschool for our Littles- Family case management, medical and mental health support, transportation, special kids activities, group and one on one support and preschool for our littles.


  • Project Recovery- Home to our guests seeking recovery and supported through a partnership with Recovery 4 Life to ensure our guests receive access to services and treatment that allows them to stay on a road to recovery


  • Project Well Being- Mental Health support, art therapy, fitness, meditation, counseling, med management and home to our homeless newspaper “Word on the Street”


  • Interfaith Sanctuary City of Boise Work Program- Employs are guests to help maintain the beauty of our city and parks.


  • The Doug Richards Cooking School- a Food Service Training Program to get our guests back to work in the Food Service Industry The Kitchen Food Trailer- allows us serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to our homeless community 7 days a week.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ―Pablo Picasso
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City of Boise Parks & Recreation Work Program

This program not only gives Interfaith guests a job but helps them rediscover a sense of purpose and a road to getting back on their feet.

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