Interfaith Sanctuary’s reimagined shelter brings the “Housing First” philosophy into their new plan

The struggle is real when it comes to finding affordable housing options in the City of Boise. Every day the headlines are reporting the rapid increase in home values and rents. Access to affordable housing options is essential to helping move our guests out of the shelter and into housing of their own.
Housing solves homelessness but what do we do until that housing is available?
“Emergency shelters play a critical role in ending homelessness. Effective shelters should embrace a Housing First approach, offer immediate and low-barrier access to anyone facing a housing crisis.”
National Alliance to end homelessness
Interfaith Sanctuary’s reimagined shelter brings the “Housing First” philosophy into their new plan.
Guidelines for a “Housing First” Shelter approach include:
1. Promote low barriers to entry or service and quickly identify people experiencing homelessness,
2. Provide access to safety
3. Make service connections
4. Partner directly with housing providers to rapidly connect individuals and families to permanent housing.
5. Offer 24 hour access to shelter offering day and night time programs and services
What does “Housing First” look like inside a shelter?
Interfaith Sanctuary has added an additional level of care offering private rooms with doors and locks for our guests who are employed, self-sufficient and ready for housing but the access is to that housing is not available.





Write a letter to the editor and to our Mayor and City Council explaining your reasons for supporting Interfaith and this move. In this letter help us humanize our guests by sharing personal experiences from working with our guests at the shelter. Let’s try to not only promote a project but help our community better understand the importance of caring, sheltering and believing in those in our homeless community. Here are the email addresses that you can send your letter to:
Scott McIntosh-
Idaho Press-
Lisa Sanchez:
Elaine Clegg-
Patrick Bageant
Jimmy Hallyburton-
Holli Woodings-
TJ Thomson-
Create a short video explaining your thoughts on Interfaith and their move. Share a story about an experience you have had with a guest while volunteering. Help us share the joy of being a volunteer and what that experience has meant to you. You can send me your video and I can create a post and tag you in it so you can share far and wide. (Email video to;
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