The 18th Annual Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza, hosted by Curtis Stigers and Jodi Peterson- Stigers, will be extra special this year as we welcome our audience to a brand new home, JUMP- Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.

JUMP offers some wonderful perks that will allow our attendees a more civilized experience while presenting a night full of sparkle, wit, inspiration and a line-up packed with world class artists that will once again sing their hearts out for Interfaith Sanctuary.

Here is a  sneak peek at some of our confirmed artists:

Confirmed artists include:

Both Nights; Jet Boat Ramblers, Bill Coffey, Belinda Bowler,Thomas Paul, Steve Baker, Rabbi Dan Fink, Steve Fulton, Travis McDanial, Sean Hatton, Catherine Merrick, Oinkari Basque Dancers, Emily Tipton and Cherie Buckner-Webb, Declan John, more to come…

Eilen Jewell (SUNDAY ONLY)

Frim Fram Four (MONDAY ONLY)

Minor Paradox (MONDAY ONLY)








Your donation today will help us start our remodel of Interfaith Sanctuary’s new reimagined shelter! With all of the funding that has been committed to our project, we look great on paper, but much of that funding will come into our account at the start of the new year. Right now, we have $3.2 million in our construction account, but we need $5.4 million to get the ball rolling!

Your donation will make that happen. Give today and be a part of the SOLUTION!

Your donation will help build:

– A shelter that offers 24/7 access to all 205 of our guests, creating a safe and stable space for healing, learning, recovering, and thriving

– A family building offering private family rooms with 96 beds, plus room for cribs

– A medical dorm offering 22 beds and 2 hospice rooms, allowing us to bring home health and hospice care to our most medically fragile

– A Micron Community WorkForce Classroom, providing on-site learning in partnership with CWI, offering GED, Construction and Megatronix training

– A commercial food service training kitchen where guests will get job training, while also helping to prepare and serve three meals a day to guests

– A safe haven for senior citizens who have been displaced from their housing and assisted care facilities

– A playground, park, and play area where kids can be kids

– A space that offers on-site recovery and mental health programming, case management, housing services, art, music, writing, early education, and a community of support, all under one roof!

Donate by clicking the link!


Thank you for having faith in Interfaith Sanctuary!

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter by day is a home to second chances for our unemployed, our mentally fragile, and our friends struggling with addiction. Our building is a sanctuary of learning, recovering, growing, creating and moving forward towards a better life.

Interfaith Sanctuary Hotel Shelter is home to preschool learning, parenting classes, case management support, housing services, and nutritional support. It is also home to our senior homeless population where finally our medically fragile have a safe space to be all day and the ability to receive care and support. Your donation supports both shelter locations and all of these wonderful programs:

FAMILY PROGRAM: This program includes family case management, medical and mental health support, transportation to appointments, kids’ activities, group and one-on-one support, and our Educational Program for kids of all ages.

PROJECT RECOVERY: Our on-site addiction recovery program, supported through a partnership with TRIVIUM, offers guests group and one-on-one counseling; art and music therapy; fitness and nutrition classes; and a community of support.

PROJECT WELL BEING: This program offers mental health support, art therapy; fitness and meditation classes; counseling, and med management. Guests also have the opportunity to contribute to our guest-driven newspaper “Word on the Street,” which has a monthly circulation of 30,000.

PROJECT REACH OUT: This program was designed for young adults who are experiencing homelessness to find a safe space and connection with others who have similar struggles so they gain a sense of belonging.

ST. VINCENT de PAUL WORK PROGRAM/HOMELESS ART COLLECTIVE RETAIL SPACE: This program gives guests an opportunity for employment in St. Vincent de Paul’s warehouse and thrift shop. The retail space is available for guests who are artist to sell their amazing work.

FOOD SERVING TRAINING PROGRAM: This on-site Food Service Training Program is designed to get our guests employed in the food service industry. Coursework helps guests receive their serve/safe certification, as well as learn how to prepare meals, maintain cleanliness, and learn food inventory systems and food storage safety requirements.