I AM not that different from you.

It’s not black and white. There are many reasons why someone might find themselves homeless but they are still people. They have favorite movies, foods and music. They have dreams. And just like you, sometimes they need a helping hand.

'Volunesia'; meaning- a moment when you forget that you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours.
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Reclaiming a Homeless Man’s Life in 15 Crazy Steps

Watch Jodi’s inspiring TEDx Boise Talk and find out about the hoops that had to be jumped through to help help a homeless man secure his birth certificate and photo ID after 14 years of living on the streets with no identity.

City of Boise Parks & Recreation Work Program

This program not only gives Interfaith guests a job but helps them rediscover a sense of purpose and a road to getting back on their feet.

Reporter’s Notebook: A Night at Interfaith Sanctuary

Idaho Press writer, Margaret Carmel, shares what it’s like to spend a night with us. Read about her experience here.