Project Well-Being

Mental health for our homeless is a major challenge effecting so many of our friends who are out on the streets day after day, year after year. It is extremely challenging to reach guests with severe mental illness but treatment is crucial for their well-being.

On the streets, treatment isn’t a high priority when you’re simply trying to survive. In the evening many of our most mentally ill come to Interfaith Sanctuary to receive shelter and a warm meal but once the doors open in the morning they will have to struggle another day, out on the street, not getting the support they really need. 

Not anymore!

We have officially kicked off Project Well-Being, a program designed to first bring stability, then well-being, for our guests who need a safe place to be during the day. Our guests attend mindful workshops, work on their dream boards, head off on different adventures with our Project Well-Being Team, enjoy lunchtime and a nap at the shelter and attend daily support groups.

We will continue to add resources and programming to our participants as we learn more about what is needed and what is available.

We would love to get our community involved in the early development of this program. Would you like to help mentor a guest, provide a workshop or art class, or help present a motivational program?

Another great way to connect is bring lunch makings in for the group and joining them in food preparation and sharing the meal. 

We also have a donation page to help support this exciting new project. We would love to have you on Team Project Well-Being!

Project Well-Being Newsletter

As part of the Project Wellbeing program, the participants are creating a newsletter. Catch up on current and past editions below.