Our Mission and Services

Our Mission:

Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter is home for a warm meal and a safe place to lay your head  for all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientation. We are a sanctuary for families with children allowing them to find shelter together.  We are a shelter full of hopes and dreams offering second chances and supportive services everyday.

Our Services:

Interfaith Sanctuary by day is a home too: preschool learning, parenting classes, case management support, housing services and nutritional support.

We are also home for our senior population where finally they have a safe space to be all day and the ability to receive the care and support they so very much deserve.

We are a home of second chances for our unemployed, our mentally fragile, our friends struggling with addiction. Our building by day becomes a sanctuary of learning, recovering, growing, creating and moving forward towards a better life


  • Family Daytime Program and Preschool for our Littles– Family case management, medical and mental health support, transportation, special kids activities, group and one on one support and preschool for our littles.
  • Project Recovery- Home to our guests seeking recovery and supported through a partnership with Recovery 4 Life to ensure our guests receive access to services and treatment that allows them to stay on a road to recovery
  • Project Well Being– Mental Health support, art therapy, fitness, meditation, counseling, med management and home to our homeless newspaper “Word on the Street”
  • Interfaith Sanctuary City of Boise Work Program– Employs are guests to help maintain the beauty of our city and parks.
  • The Doug Richards Cooking School- a Food Service Training Program to get our guests back to work in the Food Service Industry
  • The Kitchen Food Trailer– allows us serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to our homeless community 7 days a week.
  • Our Community Volunteer Program relies on community involvement through volunteerism.  We welcome these volunteers who are essential in providing a safe and supportive space for staff and guests.

For all volunteer inquiries please contact Matt at matt@interfaithsanctuary.org.

Who We Serve:

Sanctuary offers services to a wide sector of those experiencing homelessness including two-parent intact families, single father families, and single mother families with a male child over age 12 who are not eligible for emergency shelter services at any other location in Boise.

While our target population is men, women, and families who are homeless, other underserved populations are represented in this group including victims of domestic abuse, persons with mental and/or physical illness, veterans, persons with drug/alcohol abuse issues, and those facing under/unemployment.

Our Core Values:

Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services has adopted the following values to guide our work:

  • RESPECT We recognize and respect the inherent dignity and rights of all members of society.
  • COMPASSION We seek to understand without judgment each individual’s unique environment and needs.
  • DIVERSITY We embrace diversity and celebrate its power to create a more peaceful coexistence for all.
  • COLLABORATION We work with individuals, businesses, schools and faith-based and secular organizations to develop solutions that aid the transition out of homelessness.
  • INTEGRITY We serve our guests with warmth and compassion and never take for granted the generosity of our donors and volunteers.
  • LEADERSHIP We develop innovative and sustainable processes and programs focused on providing safe shelter and supporting the transition out of homelessness.
  • VOLUNTEERISM We value community involvement and volunteerism as an essential part of providing a safe and supportive space for staff and guests.

ISHS prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex/gender, family status, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender identity/expression, disability or age.

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