A barn concert for Interfaith Sanctuary’s Xtreme Team

Last year, bluegrass band Lonesome Lonesome Jetboat Ramblers Ramblers and Dr. Steve Baker donated a barn concert to be auctioned online to raise funds for Interfaith Sanctuary. The auction was in place of Interfaith Sanctuary’s annual event, The Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza, which the shelter was unable to host live due to the pandemic. Last week, the donors hosted the concert for Interfaith Sanctuary’s Xtreme Team. Shoutout to band members Steven, Willy, Ryan, Todd, Adam, and Justin for an awesome show! They were joined during the set by Curtis Stigers and his saxophone.


The concert was held at Dr. Steve Baker’s barn. He’s a Boise-based veterinarian, musician, and former smoke jumper who built the antique barn on his property with the help of friends. Dr. Baker uses the barn to bring members of the community together, and it has been great to spend time there thanks to the generosity of people who believe in helping others. Last week was the second time this summer his family has opened up the space to support Interfaith Sanctuary, our volunteers, and friends. Dan Ansotegui and his daughter Ellie of Ansots Basque Chorizos donated a beautiful paella, which they cooked on-site. The colors and flavors of Ansots paella were part of the entertainment that night. A lovely assortment of donated wines from BRJ was also part of the donor package.

Interfaith’s Xtreme Team is an amazing group of volunteers responsible for organizing the Xtreme Holiday Extravaganza, which takes place each December. They started the planning process this month. The fundraiser is no easy feat to pull together and brings in one-third of Interfaith’s operating budget. The Xtreme Team volunteers months of their time every year to make it happen, and they bring nothing but joy and gratitude to the process. We are so grateful to them!This package may be available again at this year’s Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza. Be on the lookout for bidding options!