Art in the Alley – Karl, Denise, Cameail, & Erica

Word on the Street Issue 20, April 2022

Karl’s Linda Kite & Butterflies:

Karl is an artist in Interfaith Sanctuary’s Project Well-Being with a background in architecture. His paintings and drawings often celebrate the beauty of the natural world. He has been working on a series of watercolor butterflies and is also drawing artwork on a kite for an Interfaith Sanctuary guest named Linda. When it’s done, they plan to fly it outside. Karl found a blank white kite for this project and worked with the fabric to prepare it for drawing.

“The pastel doesn’t stick to the fabric per say, so I went and sprayed it with fixative because that’s a surface pastel sticks to,” he said of the process.

“It’s a work in progress. I still need to do more detail on the roses – that’s what she wanted, just roses on the tail. I’m happy with the top but not with all of it yet.”

Denise’s Paintings

Denise made these paintings in Project Well-Being. “Peace” uses cool colors to match the meaning of the peace signs. “Birthday” is a painting expressing how she felt on her last birthday.

Cameail’s Drawing

This drawing was done by Interfaith Sanctuary guest Cameail Greene on March 9, 2022.

Erica’s Paintings

Erica, an Interfaith Sanctuary guest in Project Recovery, made these paintings using a balloon dipped in acrylic paint to create a marble-like texture. She then used a hair dryer covered with newspaper to swirl the paint around as it dried.