Business Partnership of the Year : Mountain West Bank

Thursday, September 27 is a night of celebrations, congratulations, donations and standing ovations at our Home Sweet Home Gala 2.

We’re thrilled to honor Mountain West Bank as our Business Partnership of the Year. Mike Harris took a few minutes to tell me about why they support Interfaith.

How long have you been engaged with Interfaith Sanctuary?

I have been working with the Sanctuary for the last couple of years, but have known of its work through relationships with several of the board members;

Why is Mountain West Bank a supporter of the organization?

Mountain West is a huge believer in giving back to the local community. They provide me with the support, tools, time, and sometimes funding to not only implement our own programs, but also aide local non-profit programs. Mountain West also believes that it is important that those of us with time & resources help those who are in need.

What matters to you about Interfaith? 

I think it is important to help others when possible…not to provide a lifetime of support but to give the temporary hand up; get them back on their feet and put them in a position to be active, productive members of our community and society. The program that Interfaith developed with the help of City of Boise parks department and Mountain West Bank has been great, it has put people back to work, building their self esteem, and once again become part of the community.

How does it feel to be recognized at this year’s gala? 

I am honored to have been selected…so many times I feel I am not accomplishing anything and then I get a thank you from someone I have mentored or helped through a life problem and that makes everything fall into place…shows me what it truly important.

A huge thank you to Mountain West Bank and all their involvement with Interfaith. We are so very grateful for you!

The Home Sweet Home Gala is just a few days away! Grab your ticket for this memorable evening here.