Interfaith supporters celebrate housewarming with a concert in Boise

Dr. Stephen and Michelle Mings have been supporters of Interfaith Sanctuary for many years. Last night, Curtis Stigers performed live with a few of his friends at the Mings’ housewarming party.

The Mings won this house concert in a live auction at the 2019 Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza, but plans had to be put on hold due to the pandemic. Wednesday night’s music, Ansot’s paella, and a beautiful house warming happened under a clear night sky and a crazy moon. It was a wonderful celebration!

Curtis Stigers, Bill Coffey, Bernie Reilly, and “Shaky” Dave Manion played a set for the crowd, including the song “You Are Welcome Here,” which Curtis wrote in support of Interfaith Sanctuary and our shelter’s mission to serve everyone in need.

This year’s Xtreme will offer up another Curtis Stigers house concert, so get your bidding numbers ready!!!