Creative Partnership of the Year: Foerstel Creative

Our Home Sweet Home Gala 2 on Thursday, September 27 is a night of celebrations, congratulations, donations and standing ovations!

On this special evening Foerstel Creative will be recognized as the Creative Partner of the Year. My name is Linda, and I actually work for Foerstel, as well as helping Interfaith with their marketing and social media, so instead of interviewing someone for this post, I’ve got it covered!

Our office is located only about a block from Interfaith so we see the need on a daily basis. Several years ago we started doing a blanket drive during the holidays to benefit Corpus Christie House and Interfaith. Blankets quickly expanded to donations of warm coats, socks, hats and gloves as well as coffee, creamer and hot chocolate – anything to help keep the guests warm during the darkest and most brutal months of the year.

As we were organizing the drive in the late fall of 2017, Jodi mentioned that what she really needed was a new website. The web department – of which I’m part of – was thrilled to take on the project. It was one of the most rewarding projects I had worked on in a long time.

We support Interfaith because we are in the neighborhood where we see the faces of the people affected by homelessness everyday. I believe we all need a little help from time to time, in one way or another. By helping create a new website we hope to make it the easiest as possible for those seeking help as well as those that can give assistance – whether by volunteering, signing up to provide meals or contributing financially.

Interfaith is such an important organization in our growing city. They help meet a basic human need – shelter – while also offering programs and social services to provide the leg up that might just be all it takes to get someone back on their feet.

We are honored, of course, to be recognized as the Creative Partner of the Year, but really we want to thank Interfaith for the opportunity to help them in the important work that they do.

Tickets are still available if you want to join Foerstel Creative, and all the others we’ll be recognizing at the Home Sweet Home Gala 2. Get your tickets here.