Donor of the Decade : John F. Nagel Foundation

Thursday, September 27 is a night of celebrations, congratulations, donations and standing ovations at our Home Sweet Home Gala 2.

One organization we’ll be honoring that night is our Donor of the Decade – John F. Nagel Foundation. I caught up with Board of Directors member, Curt Goldgrabe, to find out more about their relationship with Interfaith Sanctuary.


How long have you been engaged with Interfaith Sanctuary?
We gave our first grant to Interfaith Sanctuary in 2012 and have granted funding in each year since.

Why is the Nagel Foundation a supporter of the organization?
The foundation’s overarching purpose is to help meet great basic needs. What better way to meet great basic needs than to help those who need daily shelter, food and assistance in getting back on their feet?

What matters to you about Interfaith? 
Interfaith people care about other people who have immediate needs. In our experience, successful organizations like Interfaith care deeply about the people they serve and treat them like human beings, not numbers. It takes special people with a caring heart to work with those who arrive at the shelter down and out. They go past the immediate, stated need and search for solutions to the root, underlying cause of homelessness, and work hard to find solutions suited to each individual.

How does it feel to be recognized at this year’s gala? 
It is an honor and a privilege to be given this award. We don’t seek recognition for what we do, since the organizations we fund are our “hands and feet,” doing the work that we would like to do if we were a large operating organization. We think this award belongs to the people who do the daily work with those who need help.


A huge thank you to the Nagel Foundation and all they’ve done to help Interfaith over the years. We appreciate you so very much.

Join us for this special night in recognizing all the award recipients by getting your tickets here.