I Got The Shot, a music video by Interfaith Sanctuary

This year, Interfaith Sanctuary began trying to educate members of our community about the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. But, the information being provided to the public didn’t always resonate with people without homes.

The general messaging involved getting vaccinated to be able to go out to dinner, start traveling, and help get the economy going again. For our guests, what mattered most was being able to take off the mask and see someone smile again, to be able to give and receive hugs, and to be safe living together in a shelter.

Conversations with our community inspired us to give voice to their thoughts with an upbeat message.

We sent a request to singer/songwriter David Poe and asked if he would create a song to help represent the joy that comes with being vaccinated against COVID-19. Two weeks later, “I Got the Shot” showed up as a digital file in our executive director’s inbox.

We hit the streets with our guests and shot videos of people in our community who were vaccinated. Firefighters, tourists, guests from the shelter, and random people spending the day in the park all participated in the production.

Word on the Street Editor Erin Sheridan then took our footage and edited it to the music. Today, Interfaith Sanctuary is thrilled to announce our first public service announcement music video. Watch “I Got the Shot” on our Youtube page and help us encourage everyone to get vaccinated!