Interfaith’s Drive for the Idaho Diaper Bank

I remember when I had my first son, how exciting that time was. He was exactly what I hoped for – a brown-eyed, brown-fuzzy-haired sweet baby boy! There I was, in my home, surrounded by my friends and family who were there helping me get through those first days of being a new mom. I had everything I could need at my disposal – onesies, diapers, blankies of every size and color, a baby sling to keep my son safe and near at all times and the comfort of knowing that whatever this child needs I can provide for him.

Fast forward to now. My sons are both grown and spreading their wings and I am Co-Directing Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter where we provide shelter for families with small children.

The first time I met a new mom and dad living out on the street with their newborn baby, I thought to myself I cannot even imagine how difficult each day is for them trying to provide everything that baby will need without family, shelter, money and support. That baby was in a dirty onesie and looked tired and hungry. His diaper was full and definitely needed to be changed. Thankfully, we were able to provide this family with shelter, support and because of our relationship with The Idaho Diaper Bank, we are able to keep this baby, and all of the babies staying at the shelter, clean and dry because of the free diapers Idaho Diaper Bank provides to our shelter.

One in three families in Idaho struggle to have enough diapers to keep their babies clean and dry. Diapers are expensive, costing over $100 a month per child, and aren’t eligible to be purchased with foods stamps or through the WIC program. Many low income children are being left in wet diapers, which is unpleasant for parents and kids alike, and comes with a load of potential health concerns as well. Also without a supply of diapers, infants or toddlers can’t be enrolled in a childcare program so that the parents can go to work. It’s a messy situation all the way around.

The Idaho Diaper Bank saves the day:

  • Providing over 50,000 diapers a month
  • Serving 45 non-profit partners, including Interfaith Sanctuary
  • Keeping more than a 1000 babies dry and happy each month

Interfaith Sanctuary would like to help support this amazing work. Our goal to raise $2,500 by August 31 for diapers that will be distributed directly to families in need in Idaho. To donate, please go to this link and make sure to add a comment in the notes that you’re donating though the Interfaith Diaper Drive.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts