By: Julie Loomis

Word on the Street Issue 42, April 2024

. . .

On Saturday the 16th of March around 9 pm my friend Kendall had a car cut her off.  This was at 16th and Main st.  She lost control of her bike and crashed.  She laid in the street crying for help and not only did the car that caused this not stop, two other cars drove by.  A group of young men stopped and helped her get up and out of the street.  The paramedics were called and Kendall was taken to St Luke’s Hospital.

Kendall was cleaned up and had X-rays and a cat scan taken. Luckily she had no broken bones. Then the hospital rushed an injured elderly patient out the door at 3am.  She made her way to a shelter to get a few hours of sleep.

Kendall walks into Interfaith Sanctuary with blood still on her face and in need of help.  Some of the guests help clean her up and let her rest.

Kendall is a 62 year old with three kids and 3 grandkids.  She has been homeless for awhile and has a walker and a bike to get around with.  She has been hit or cut off 3 other times in the last six months.  Here is a picture of Kendall two weeks later.  She is healing but it will take some time for all her injuries to heal.

Kendall is not alone in being hurt by drivers that are not paying attention. Several other guests have had their own run-ins with cars.  Sadly some did not survive their encounter.

This story is being written as a public outcry to people who drive in areas with a homeless population.  

Please take extra care so you aren’t causing someone to crash or hit them.  We are people who are out on the streets because that is where we live. If you cause an accident, please don’t leave us in the street crying out for help.  We are just people trying to survive living the best we can.  No one should drive past an injured elderly woman in need of help.

This message I hope is taken seriously. Make sure to share this with your friends and family.  Let’s not cause any more pain to a population that is already hurting. I also want to thank the four young men who did stop and help.