Editor’s Note

“Our Friend Gaige” is a beautiful collaboration between WOTS Editor in Chief, Amanda Niess, and Jessica Concie, mother of Gaige Michael Concie. 

Gaige Michael Concie was a short-term guest at Interfaith Sanctuary. He passed away on February 10, 2024 from an accidental drug overdose. His mother, Jessica Concie wanted to pay homage to her son, spread awareness and encapsulate who he really was: a friend with a drive to help others, a young adult with a passion for making music, a lover with an evergreen appreciation for animals and a son with closeted mental health complications. Jessica shared her son’s optimistic outlook on life with Amanda, despite the difficult obstacles he had to endure at such a young age. 

We at Interfaith Sanctuary honored Gaige last month with a memorial service between staff, close friends and family. 


By: Amanda Niess and Jessica Concie

Daisy bloom in place of him

His laughter lingers in the wind

The shirt warm off his back,

helping us fight the cold.

Gaige’s heart was made of gold

to escape the mind is a certain fate

just one more time and it’s too late.

But all the light you left here to shine

will glow on us even in the darkest times

Let us remember our good friend Gaige.

Whose laughter will echo on

for the rest of our lives as we age

and hoping he has found his peace

somewhere kinder somewhere better,

somewhere that his heart will never cease