By Kacey Fulkerson

Word on the Street Issue 41, March 2024

. . .

The lights turned on, the Voice has awakened,

the morning chore must be done so breakfast can come as we all gather around

and talk about what needs to be done — will open our lockers and gather our stuff

to part our ways in the morning Sun. Time will pass by as we walk around to get things done.

You might see a friend or a familiar face who will walk with you as you’re heading to lunch, unsure of what it will be yet knowing it’s chicken — you’ll probably see.

You will be appreciative and sit with your friend and eat while yacking away about the day, because our volunteers and workers have nourished us in the best way that they can.

So be thankful you have eaten and able to have things provided that would have cost more out of pocket than what you can see, because dinner is coming and a place to sleep

— even though you may not call it home, others might see it differently…so please don’t judge what you see, for we all have our own way of dealing with our day. The night has come and we are all together again, waiting at the gates to check in our stuff in the lockers given to us with things we’ve gathered throughout the day, in two Ziplock bags. We will pile our things with a change of clothes, passing through security, checking in for the night. Dinner is served with a new set of workers and volunteers, apart from Corpus Christi at an Interfaith Sanctuary that some of us call home — because it’s a place that we can shower and sleep and eat the dinner provided to nourish our bodies and give us strength. We will all talk of the day that was given to us that God has provided at this place some call home built, by the hands of other hard workers who we also appreciate. We will dream and sleep until 6 a.m. when the lights come on and a new day begins. We will walk next door over to Corpus Christi and have a fresh shower and breakfast while enjoying the morning Sun with another new friend and fresh cup of coffee to nourish our bodies for another new day. Amen!!