By WOTS Staff

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Relief Bed International reached out to Interfaith Sanctuary in January to donate 20 inflatable beds for our guests. The shelter is full nearly every night, so the shelter frequently uses floor spots and a heated military tent on our property to provide beds during overflow periods. The relief beds inflate and can be used on the ground, or on top of cots.

Relief Bed International founder Scott Smalling started the nonprofit in 2015 after a long career in the bedding and specialty foams market. He founded the ComforPedic® brand but felt most fulfilled when leading outreach and disaster relief projects across the United States. Recent international projects have included donating beds to support victims of the war in Ukraine and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Board members of Interfaith Sanctuary introduced Smalling to the shelter after mentioning our need to serve people comfortably, especially during inclement weather. The nonprofit decided that the shelter’s mission fell right in line with their goal to serve people experiencing homelessness across the globe and immediately sent beds to the shelter. Our guests will sleep more comfortably with the help of our new relief beds! Thank you to all who helped!