Word on the Street Issue 22, June 2022

By Sherry B.

Sherry B. wrote this poem in 2007 and can recite it to this day. “I wrote it, but all glory goes to God – that was him,” she said.

As I watch the ocean’s tide, I fear and quake – I want to hide.

Because I see the way they roar, I know they’ll take me far from shore.

“You must go in,” I hear him say. 

But does it have to be this way?

You said that you would be with me through every wave here in the sea.

So why do I have all this fear? I should believe your purpose here. 

So as I bow my head in shame, I pray forgiveness in your name. 

I know I’ll have to do my best; How will I ever help the rest?

The rest, the others I must see – this trial is helping them through me.

I must fight these waves that roar just like the ones who fought before.

I’ll move past these waves one day just like our Lord; he came this way.

As I stand, my faith restored, I shall go in for them my Lord.

As I run with great delight, I find it’s easy and it’s right.

As I step into the water, I humbly pray Lord – you’re the potter.

Do with me whatever you choose; by my faith I cannot lose.

“Believing is the only way to get you through these waves today. 

So just believe and jump right in; think of the soul that you might win.”

I think if I would not have tried to lose my fear in selfish pride,

I’d still be there upon that shore where the waves would roar forever more.