By: Jodi Peterson-Stigers

Word on the Street Issue 42, April 2024

. . .

Her name is Deb and today she is wearing a wonderful cowboy hat with black leggings, a cozy winter sweater with some fabulous boots.  She put together this outfit from the  donations she found at Corpus Christi and Interfaith Sanctuary. Deb strongly believes that just because she is currently homeless does not mean she has to look homeless. She knows that how you look directly affects how you feel and she wants to share her fashion therapy with our unhoused population. For the past month we have been reaching out to our community to ask if they have some fun and fashionable clothes that are no longer making it into their wardrobe line up and with these donations we are creating the Street Chic Boutique at Interfaith Sanctuary’s programming building at 511 S. Americana St. This boutique will offer a space for our unhoused guests to find their fashion and Deb will be there offering style advice free of charge.  Her belief is that with the right outfit anything is possible. If you have some wonderful wears that are just not getting worn we are your new donation drop off! The boutique is for men and women so men start cleaning out your closets and help a dude with some high fashion wear!   

This fashion spread brings to life The Street Chic Boutique where our guests are the models and the fashion photographer is our own Gypsy Wind, WOTS Street Photographer.  

Please email to arrange drop off time of Street Chic donations.