By: Julie Loomis

Word on the Street Issue 43, May 2024

. . .

Well, I am able now to afford a place to rent.  I have found  new beginnings and hobbies, a wellbeing group that has helped me grow.  I am amazed with what good things I have learned.  I have learned to try new things like watercolor painting, writing poems and articles.  The poetry I have been writing since I was 10 years old.  I have been blessed with a group of women and men that have my back and help me learn about different cultures and to trust again.

I will be displaying my artwork including paintings and photos.  We also have been making butterflies to give to our donors.  This month begins with an Art show, free clothing boutique and butterflies.  This is also Idaho gives so that is what the butterflies are for.  This is one of the things that make me happy.

Now everything is not butterflies and rainbows.  The housing is going to be tricky.  When you have been homeless usually you may not have rental referrals or good credit.  The 3 times the rent is also difficult.  Since it takes years for low income housing, you have to find somewhere that is affordable.  Not so easy in Boise.

I will keep you informed about the rental situation and my art.  You all have already read my writing and seen my art.  This is a great way to give you confidence.  It is easy to start questioning yourself about being homeless.  We beat ourselves up when we should forgive ourselves and move on.  I hope to be moving but will still be part of word on the street.