Turn $25 into $10,000!

Interfaith Sanctuary is again participating in the Home Partnership Foundation’s Avenues for Hope fundraising challenge this year! This challenge is a great way to raise operating funds for Boise’s homeless shelter on River Street, and an effective way for you to leverage your Holiday giving.

Thanks to the generous and timely support of our community of donors, Sanctuary is currently in the lead with the largest donation amount! Here are some tips to help keep the momentum going and realize the most grant matches from the sponsors: The challenge is online at https://interfaithsanctuary.org/afh/. Donations in increments of $25, $100, and $5,000 earn Sanctuary special match bonuses and are encouraged. The organization with the most number of gifts over $25 wins an additional $10,000 as a grant match from the Idaho Housing and Finance Association; with your help, Sanctuary can be that organization! $10,000 would provide multiple nights of shelter to Sanctuary’s predicted 850+ homeless guests in the coming year. Of course, ALL donations are welcome, as total gifts are tallied for additional match opportunities. However, each person’s donation is only counted towards the contest once, so please consider breaking your larger donations into the increments listed above and sharing the opportunity with family and friends (ex: $100 into 4 donations of $25 by 4 people)!

If you are planning on making a Holiday / end of year financial contribution to a local charity, we invite and encourage you to support Interfaith Sanctuary through this match opportunity. Your support will make an even bigger impact through the Avenues for Hope campaign, so don’t delay! Donations through this campaign will be accepted between December 10th – 31st.

On behalf of the board, staff and guests of Interfaith Sanctuary, we thank you in advance for your genuine concern for reducing homelessness in our community. Your contribution through this match opportunity will greatly strengthen our efforts in the coming year. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

About the Campaign:

The Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge is presented annually by the Home Partnership Foundation, a 501(c)3 created by Idaho Housing and Finance Association in 2005. This challenge-based grant opportunity was created during the economic downturn in 2011, to help Idaho nonprofits attract new donors to support their homelessness prevention and shelter programs. The goal of the Avenues for Hope campaign is to strengthen housing-related nonprofits throughout Idaho by encouraging individual donations to help prevent homelessness and improve affordable housing options.

About Interfaith Sanctuary:

Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services (Sanctuary) is a collaboration of people of faith and people of conscience who have joined together to shelter and serve individuals experiencing homelessness. Opened in 2007, Sanctuary provides overnight shelter, a light evening meal and supportive services for up to 160 men, women and children, every night of the year. Sanctuary offers tailored services to a wide sector of those experiencing homelessness, including the underserved populations of two-parent intact families, and single mother families with a male child over the age of 12, or single father families with female children of any age, who are not eligible for emergency shelter services at any other location in Boise. Sanctuary’s shelter building is located 1620 West River Street in downtown Boise and is open from 5:30 pm to 7:00 am daily.

Your Donation Will Support:
Sanctuary’s target population is men, women and families with children who are homeless, often with characteristics including mental and physical illness, veteran status, victims of past domestic abuse, substance abuse issues and employment issues. In addition to providing emergency shelter to meet the growing need for overnight refuge in our community, Sanctuary also implements Supportive Services programs to promote greater self-sufficiency, improved well-being and permanent housing acquisition for shelter guests. Your donation will help Sanctuary provide shelter and supportive services to over 900 of our homeless neighbors in 2015