Volunteers of the Year: Doug & Cheri Lindley

Our Home Sweet Home Gala 2 on Thursday, September 27 is a night of celebrations, congratulations, donations and standing ovations!

We’re proud to recognize Doug and Cheri Lindley as our Volunteers of the Year. I caught up with Cheri to find out more about their relationship with Interfaith.

How long have you been engaged with Interfaith Sanctuary?

Our first contact was in 2005, the year of the big freeze, when our church was one of the first to provide warm overnight housing for the homeless, and Interfaith Sanctuary was born. However, our real involvement began with the move to our present location in 2007.

We sing in our church choir with Ed & Martha Keener. Ed invited us to tour the “beautiful” building that was being considered for Interfaith Sanctuary. We walked into a big derelict building with buckets catching the rain, falling ceiling tiles, wet wall board, and dirty, rain-soaked carpet! Since we had been remodeling our homes for 50 years those minor details didn’t bother us. We could see the potential and agreed that it was a great investment as a home for Interfaith Sanctuary.

On the way home we looked at each other and agreed that we needed to be a part of this. We immediately started volunteering on a regular basis, and will as long as we are able.

Why do you support Interfaith?

Because it is the right thing to do! We can give of our time, even though our resources are limited.

What matters to you about Interfaith? 

We believe in the Interfaith policy of referring to our residents as guests and treating them with respect. Unforeseen events could put many of us into similar circumstances at some point, though we choose not to think about it.

We also strongly agree with Sanctuary’s “audacity” in housing single men, single women, and especially intact families under the same roof.

We also appreciate the willingness to take in guests who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or with mental issues, and help them to the extent the we can.

We are also pleased with the new directions, and changes taking place. Fortunately Brody saves the guests from Cheri’s lack of computer skills and assigns her to other jobs. Doug oversees the food tables and other jobs that need to be done.

How does it feel to be recognized at this year’s gala?

We feel humbled and very honored!

Thank you to Cheri and Doug. We are so lucky to have you!

Join us in recognizing the Lindley’s, and all the other award recipients, by getting your tickets here.