Word on the Street Issue 23, July 2022

The Grump Meter is a tool for emotional self-regulation. It’s a ladder of five colors, with calm blue on the bottom, and exploding red on the top. In Project Well-Being at Interfaith Sanctuary, people use the Grump Meter to communicate safely and peacefully, and support each other. At a local park/concert in June, Interfaith had a poster asking people to comment on what helps them find “calm blue” inside themselves. Janet Kaufman, founder of the Grump Meter, helped their responses become this poem. To learn more about the Grump Meter, check out www.grumpmeter.com.

By Boiseans

When I am on Blue…

I play, jog

Run in the foothills with my dogs

Cook and sew

paint and bead

Play soccer

I am open

River floatin’

I volunteer…

help the old

help my friends



Sit down and read

Chill outside, rest

Give and receive