Writing by Dani

Word on the Street Issue 23, July 2022

Dani is a Word on the Street Vendor and a former guest at Interfaith Sanctuary.


By Dani Fuller (AKA Elderia)

    Silent winds upon the sands

To chance the dice

    Feel the caress of a lover’s hand

To spin the wheel

    See the rising of the sun

To deal the cards

    The taste of tears and sweat

Love the greatest game of chance

    We all shall play, but who shall win

But none unless you take the chance

. . .

Never Again

By Dani Fuller

I look out at a world that has no need for me. If I ended, a few would mourn and mainly because it is the thing to do. A memorial, “Never again” – never again will someone die due to too much or too little of their medication. Writing letters, making statements on TV, news clips of how society failed the lonely. But the failure of people to accept that our society has changed from being family oriented to being a society of individuals is just as damaging. The support of family and lifelong friends is mainly gone and rebuilding those ties, well I don’t see that happening.