Donor Stories

Ed Keener

Ed Keener is what is known as anĀ “Inspired Philanthropist.” Ed will tell you that you don’t have to be rich to be a philanthropist, but neither do you become one just by writing a check to your favorite charity once a year.

edkeenerPhilanthropy for Ed is about thought, care, deliberation, going beyond the expected, and becoming involved. Ed didn’t start out this way, “I had some selfishness about my money”, he admits. Then a number of years ago he decided to incorporate giving into his value system.

His financial planning for philanthropy started early and it has grown in scope since he first decided to give. Ed’s seen the need to “grow his giving” over the years because he won’t be satisfied now, with the level of giving he started with years ago.

Ed makes monthly donations to Interfaith Sanctuary through Sanctuary’s online giving platform, which provides the organization with credit and debit cards processing either for a one time gift or ongoing monthly donations. Ed has his account setup to deduct a monthly amount from his bank. That way, he knows he has met his yearly giving goals. But, since Ed is a self-admitted inspired giver, he finds opportunities to make other monetary gifts throughout the year. “That’s the thing about Sanctuary”, says Ed, “the needs are so apparent and so overwhelming; it’s hard not to share what you have with others.”

Beyond his personal giving, Ed makes a difference by inspiring others to give to Interfaith Sanctuary. He makes it his mission to educate all of the groups he’s involved in, such as his church, about the many needs at Interfaith Sanctuary. “Education is important”, says Ed. Anyone can educate themselves about homelessness in our community by volunteering at the shelter either as an individual or as part of a group; scheduling a tour; or inviting a Sanctuary speaker to your house of worship, civic club, or staff meeting.

For Ed, it’s all about bringing his giving in line with his hopes for a better world. He wants his wealth and his money to be considered a community resource to be shared. “Boise is our home”, says Ed, “and is where I want to create a legacy of stewardship and generosity. We all leave a legacy and it’s up to you to decide what you want yours to be”.

If you’d like to talk with someone about your own inspired philanthropy to Interfaith Sanctuary, please contact the Development Office by email at [email][/email] or by phone 343-4160.

If you’d like to schedule a presentation or a tour, please contact Jayne Sorrels, Executive Director at [email][/email].