Get to Know Me

Art gets personal 

Interfaith Sanctuary is more than an emergency shelter. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to support the various needs of our guests, needs that go far beyond having a temporary roof over their heads.

We’ve learned from our guests that they need consistent access to programs to address everything from mental health and recovery to early education, employment, personal development, case management and more.


These programs are often essential pieces in helping our guests transition out of homelessness and into a new phase of their lives.
But we wanted you to hear from our guests themselves, and we came up with Get To Know Me, an Art Exhibit. We’ve partnered with Boise-based photographer Matthew Wordell for our #GetToKnowMe campaign. We’ve hung 15-foot portraits of Interfaith Sanctuary guests along Americana Boulevard and Cooper Court Alley, with some words from each featured guest.


The idea of this campaign is to help us all remember the humanity of homelessness. With your support, we can continue to offer programs and services in addition to our emergency shelter. Together we can be the second chance for those who need it most.

Have a lasting impact.

By donating any amount, you can help us continue to bring shelter to Boise’s homeless. You can help us provide programming that includes schooling, case management, mental health counseling and continuing sobriety. Learn more and donate to these programs below.