Supportive Services – S.T.E.P.

The STEP program was established by the Interfaith Sanctuary Supportive Service Staff in April of 2016. STEP (Shelter Transition Exit Plan) works with each guest at Interfaith Sanctuary to help assess their needs and barriers and identify the STEPS necessary to help them with an exit plan from shelter to housing! Our team of Case Managers has grown from two in 2015 to 10 by the end of 2016. With support, compassion, great programming, some hand holding and a safe place to take the steps in the right order, Interfaith is changing the lives of one guest at a time.

S.T.E.P. (Shelter Transition Exit Plan)

This is a succinct 10 stage plan that will lead our guests out of the shelter. Caseworkers guide them through each stage, providing assistance and financial support as needed to accomplish the goals of the plan. All guests in case management must participate in their own Shelter Transition Exit Plan in order for the plan to be successful. Results depend on the effort and focus of each guest.

  1. Obtain Identification and Official Documents
2. Enroll in Health Insurance or Hospital Charity Health Program
3. Assess: Physical Health, Dental Health, and Mental Health
4. Schedule and Attend: Substance Abuse Assessment
5. Review Educational Opportunities and Skills Assessment
6. Complete an Employability Assessment with the Department of Labor
7. Participate in an Income Opportunities Assessment
8. Plan for your Financial Health with Budgeting and Savings Program
9. Attend Life Skills Classes
10. Apply for Re-Housing Options
11. Return to Sanctuary to perform Peer Advocating after successfully Re-Housing