Anonymous donors bring sun hats and care packages to help our guests ride out the heatwave!

Our guests are prepared for the hot summer sun this week after a donor who wished to remain anonymous sent us 100 GearTOP fishing hats. Temperatures in the 100s are expected well into July, and these hats are exactly what we need to help our guests manage sun exposure while they’re out in the community!

Staff members Buzz and Luther on Wednesday posed for photos while they tested out the gear.

On Thursday, another donor put together 50 care packages for the children staying in our hotel shelter program, complete with colorful ribbons and a color-coded list to help distribute the goodie bags by gender and age group. The bags included books and toys to keep our kids engaged and excited as we work to lift our families back into housing.

Thank you to these quiet donors for bringing fashion and fun to our shelter guests during some very hot times!