Friday Fit Club visits Lucky Peak

Interfaith Sanctuary guests on Fridays get together and go outside to enjoy the weather, stay healthy and share stories and ideas. Last Friday, the group handed out cold water bottles to unsheltered residents of the Cooper Court area as a heat wave set in across the Pacific Northwest. The week prior, the group completed a 3-mile walk from downtown into Boise’s North End to sit in Camel’s Back park.

This week’s activity was a trip to Lucky Peak. The question of the day was, “If you could go anywhere in the world to spend time or visit, where would it be?”

Group members said they would travel to the San Juan Islands, the Netherlands, Greece, and Italy to learn the histories of each place, study famous artwork, or relax in nature. One guest said he would travel to Istanbul, Turkey, to experience the culture, while another chose the Caribbean because he has never been to the ocean and wants to swim.

The water in the Boise River was freezing, but the view was beautiful!