Interfaith Sanctuary’s Annual Appreciation Luncheon

Every year Interfaith Sanctuary enjoys serving lunch to our board and supporters at an appreciation luncheon. This years event was held at St. Paul Baptist Church. A big thank you goes to Tates Rents and Northend Organic Nursery for sprucing up the event with their beautiful table cloths and floral arrangements. We enjoyed delicious sandwiches from ZeppoleĀ  which were consumed as our audience listened to Margaret Stigers sing a heartfelt song. Throughout the lunch, Interfaith Sanctuary was pleased to award Duane Anders, Senior Pastor of Cathedral of the Rockies and Ben Skinner, founder of OATHS, for their outstanding contributions to our community. A special recognition was given to Dorothy Aldecoa (in memorium) as the individual donor of the year and a heartfelt story about her generosity was shared. We were also pleased to announce the business donors of the year, who turned heads at our last Xtreme Holiday Extravaganza when they took stage and pledged money for a whole year of shelter for one person which equaled $3650 each. After a few minutes of letting that soak in, both Don Reiman and Harry Martz took the stage again and agreed to pay two years of shelter, if the audience could match two year’s donation. It was a night to remember, so many of our guests stepped up to the challenged and donated money. We raised over $33,000 at that event just in night’s of shelter! Yesterday, Don Reiman, founder of Echelon Group, and Harry Martz, founder of Power Enterprises, were awarded Business Donors of the Year. Interfaith Sanctuary is humbled to be surrounded by so many who are willing to give their time, talents, and money to such a worthy cause. When you donate you are not just giving money or time, you are provided shelter and services.


A special THANKS to our wonderful Sponsors, Albertson’s, Northend Organic Nursery, Dawson Taylor, Tates Rents, Usful Glassworks, St. Paul Baptist Church, Laverna, Cherie Buckner Webb, and Margaret Stigers… Without you we couldn’t have put this event on!