Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power! Make a lasting difference in the lives of our community’s homeless population by simply casting an e-vote! Interfaith Sanctuary is very excited to have a freshly remodeled hospitality space for families at the shelter. Thanks to the great work of Guho Corp. and OATHS, families now have a common area in which to come together and take-care of the loose-ends of the day, similar to a shared living room. We believe education is the key to a better future, and envision this space as being a resource for parents and children; a calm environment in which to finish up homework, check messages and find inspiration for the next day. In order to achieve this vision, we would like to fill the room with educational materials such as paper; pens; pencils; calculators; wall maps; workbooks; dictionaries; educational magazine and newspaper subscriptions for youth and adults; books for adults on parenting, finances and health; coloring books and crayons; and educational software for youth and adults for the planned computers. You can help us fund this vision by simply voting for our proposal to the Idaho Power Company, under the Powering Tomorrow Education Grant Opportunity. Please vote now!: Click HERE to vote. Thank you!

(Voting is open through January 23, 2015. Voting instructions: Visit; log-in to FB ; scroll down and click on “See more stories from you neighbors”; find “Knowledge is Power” posted by Szilvia; and click Vote!)