Mason Creek Flower Farm collects donations for unhoused Treasure Valley residents

Jerilynn Mcrae of the Mason Creek Flower Farm, located in Nampa, has been hosting fundraisers for local nonprofits in the Treasure Valley each month as a way to give back to the community.

Mcrae hosted an event at the farm in mid-July featuring several local vendors. She discounted flower picking containers for anyone who brought over $5 worth of sun protection gear and supplies to help Boise’s unhoused residents cope with the hot weather. 

The farm asked customers to bring items people can take onto the street with them to stay safe in the afternoon heat, including reusable water bottles that can be refilled at different locations in Boise. 

Mcrea dropped off the donations, including sun hats, chapstick, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, drinking bottles, and personal hygiene wipes at Interfaith’s shelter.

“I’ve always served different organizations,” Mcrae said of her decision to host the fundraiser. “I used to take meals once a month to a Nampa shelter and would serve lunch every month, and I wanted to find a way for my U-Pick farm to give back to the community.”

Approximately 300 people came to pick flowers. Mcrea estimated she spent a month organizing the events and felt that with the short growing season and the heat, Interfaith Sanctuary would be an excellent nonprofit to support with supplies.

The flower farm will host one last fundraiser in September before the weather gets too cold for flowers to grow. “In September, I’m hoping that we can find winter items to collect,” Mcrea said.

Learn more about the Mason Creek Flower Farm and future events here.